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Tips for registring a Domain Name :
Choosing the best domain for your website is - a little tricky & time consuming process! What suits you best! What describes you more! What domain name will best represent your company, your brand, your products, your services, your website.

  • Few things to consider when choosing a domain name:
    • Does your domain name sound good?
    • Does your domain look right?
    • Is your domain too long?
    • Does your domain make sense?
    • And... Is your domain name memorable?
  • Which domain extension do you need? .com, .in,, .Net, there are many!
  • Suggestions for picking a great domain name!
    • Try to get a domain with a related "keyword" or two in it
    • Try for the .com version of your desired domain name first
    • Avoid hyphens and numbers in your domain (if possible)
    • Avoid any potential trademark infringements
    • Keep your domain as short as possible (not terribly important anymore)
    • Consider a TLD in your "country code" like .in for INDIA
    • Don't rush - the right domain is a strategic (long term) decision
    • Consider joining a domain name forum like to learn about domains!
    • Consider buying your PERFECT domain from the current "owner" if it's for sale
    • Choose a reputable domain name registrar! IMPORTANT! We use: Directi
  • Some populer domain extension's...
    • .com - an unrestricted global domain meaning "commercial." The most popular domain extension on the planet!
    • .net - an unrestricted global domain meaning "network." Popular with Internet "infrastructure" companies.
    • .org - a (now unrestricted) global domain often associated with non-profit companies.
    • .biz - an unrestricted global domain usually associated with "business."
    • .edu - a restricted global domain that is reserved for accredited educational institutions.
    • .mil - a restricted global domain reserved specifically for military organizations.
    • .gov - a restricted global domain reserved specifically for government.
    • .info - an unrestricted global domain often associated with "informational" websites.
    • .in - a Country specific TLD that represent's Indian websites.
    • .us - a restricted domain name extension "reserved" for American citizens and businesses.
    • .ca - a restricted-use domain extension available to Canadians ONLY.
    • There are lot more extension's to discover! Click on or search Google for "gTLD, CCTLD"

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